About Us

Nigerian Gospel Radio is an online radio station based in London, United Kingdom. The platform is created to promote the works of Nigerian gospel artistes based at home or overseas. Our goal is to project their music and career to a broader audience that's beyond Nigeria's geographical borders.

The Journey So Far...
From our humble beginning in mid 2011, we have steadily established a substantial database of devoted listeners who are always looking forward to discovering new gospel releases. Some of our listeners spend their entire day with us while others stay from 5 - 20 hours a day, eagerly waiting for the next 'hot' gospel song to play...(See recent listeners log.)

Nigerian Gospel Radio adheres to hardcore contemporary urban gospel music. We love playing anything that sounds 'gospel' and spells 'praise & worship'. From gospel soul, gospel jazz, fuji gospel, reggae gospel, gospel hip, gospel rap, Christian Rock to traditional gospel, we‘re there! Our music policy has offered us the possibility of taking the FREE gospel to folks, who would not 'ordinarily' tune in to a non secular radio station. Indeed, God is winning!!!.

Our Involvement?
Album promotion is clearly an issue that every recording artiste must tackle vigorously. This problem becomes twice bigger when it comes to Gospel musicians. While there are several investors and outlets that cater for the average Nigerian artiste (the secular musicians), there are no guarantee whatsoever for those of the gospel acts. The gross effect of this 'imbalance' on the Nigerian gospel music industry is so pronounced that so many talented gospel music acts and groups are never discovered or their albums unnoticed.

Other than the common conception that gospel music is boring and not interesting, the issue of 'little' air play of gospel music on Radio and Television stations in Nigeria is another big challenge for the Nigerian gospel music artiste. We learnt from a dependable source that the National Broadcasting Corporation (a body that regulates the broadcast industry in Nigeria) has a rule that compels radio and TV stations not to exceed 8% of gospel music in their daily programming. All of these underlying factors and others not pointed out here have contributed adversely to the under development of the gospel music industry.

The 'Nigerian gospel radio' idea was conceived out of the passion of making our gospel music industry thrive whilst giving talented gospel music acts in and out of Nigeria the recognition and patronage they deserved. We warmly and truly extend our sincere invitation to you to be part of this project. Be blessed, and thanks for visiting our website.

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