Our national tragedies fulfillment of prophecies —Prophet Adeoye


Prophet J. O. Adeoye is the founder of With God International Ministries with branches all around the world.

In this interaction with KEHINDE OYETIMI and OLAIDE ALADESANMI, he argues that the present predicament of the nation is part of fulfillment of Biblical prophecies. Excerpts:

YOU are holding a programme tagged Prayers for Divine Protection and Fulfillment. There are many instances of insecurity in the country. What gives you the assurance that organizing such programme can guarantee the protection that you talk about?

Nigerian Gospel Radio:Prophet Adeoye

Prophet Adeoye

Jesus stated in the book of John chapter 14 verses 6 that he is the way. Jesus is the way out of every crisis in life. The provision of a way out of all the problems besieging the country was necessitated by God. He gave us that great vision that the surest protection can only come from God. There is no true protection in any other place. God is the refuge that is very certain. He wants to give everyone of us the truest of all securities especially at a time like this. He is making this promise so that we will be able to overcome and not become victims.

Whoever will come will discover that God is enough to protect. There is nothing impossible with God to do. There are many unfortunate instances of kidnapping and untimely deaths everywhere in the country yet God is making the provision for our security. He has also decided to answer the prayers of as many as will

attend. It is a time when divine promises will be fulfilled. It is not me but God that will provide the umbrella of his protection.
You are equally organizing another programme with the theme Gathering for Great testimonies for Overcomers. What should be the expectations of participants?
I passed through certain difficulties at a point in my life. That period marked a major shift in my walk with God. Some of those bitter experiences are not kept from the knowledge of the public. Jesus said that in this world we are sure to have tribulations but that we should be of good comfort since we have overcome. At that time, God asked me to give him praise. That inspiration gave birth to this programme. I have a testimony that the Ancient of Days helped me to overcome.

I believe that he will do the same for others who will join me in this forthcoming programme.

The Fathers of Faith like Abraham and Isaac would always resort to praising God for past victories when they were confronted with new ones. They would remind God of the past demonstrations of his great power and provision, insisting that God could do more than he had done before. This of course would be gear the almighty. The Bible records that this has always moved God to answer. I also want to praise God in that manner. I am therefore using this medium to invite everyone for the programme from April 25 to 27.

God commanded Jehoshaphat that he should praise God and that the battle never belonged to him. God will answer us in every respect.

Many have criticized such activities that preachers do organize. They claim that it is a way that is used to swindle many. The events are organized, the problems persist. Don’t you agree with this?
The devil is full of deception. When he discovers that people will get solutions to their problems and come out of his captivity, he will employ deception to frustrate such efforts. The devil knows that if people utilize various divine opportunities, they will be free. He does not want them to be free. People must become wiser than the devil.

There are deceptive gatherings all over the world especially when it comes to such gatherings. But again, we must understand that where there are such deceptions, there must of necessity be the true servants of God.

We just finished the Easter celebration. The nation recorded bomb attacks and in Benue a church collapsed, killing many. People are tired.

I will admonish everyone to understand that the repeated catastrophes in the world are indications of end-time prophecies. We will be deceiving ourselves if we think that we can do without national and global tragedies. The Bible has stated this and there is nothing that we can do about it.

Every one of us must draw near to God. We should live in consciousness that we will not be here forever. We pray that nobody dies prematurely. Still we must eschew evil in its entirety. We should not say that it is normal but that it is a fulfillment of prophecies. The coming of Christ is nearer that we first believed.

Everybody should know that. The question that should be on every lip is when death would come. Christians must be prepared. Christ has gone to prepare a place for true Christians but my question is are we prepared for that place? There is no evildoer who does not know that he or she is doing wrong.

There are reported cases of kidnappings and also an army of unemployed youths. Any respite in sight?
This is a very peculiar period. It is the end-time. Let us get ready.

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